Journal Entry #6: ”I Can’t Help You Out,” released in 2022 

Toxic lovers are the stuff of poetry, but toxic friends can break your heart just as hard. Faced with torn emotions, realizing they’re not going to change, sometimes you just have to find a way to let them go. 

“Why do we say things we don’t really mean? 

Why do we play games when no one’s scoring? 

I’m getting tired of being let down. Whenever I need you the most you’re nowhere to be found, you’re just like a ghost. 

No use in trying, let’s cut the cord now. 

There’s no music left here, this is my final bow. 

My heart is empty, it’s like a vacant lot. Whenever I’m about to move on you bring me back here and string me along. 

I’m at odds with you. Nothing that I say or do will ever be good enough. I’ve reached my wits end, we don’t need to pretend. 

Can we just give it away?”


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Journal Entry #5: ”No Turning Back,” released in 2021 

I was raised in the church. Educated in the church. Married in the church. In most ways, it was the longest-living part of me. But it did not accept my truth. Leaving the church, I suspect, will always be one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. But only in leaving the church could I find myself… 


Living in reality can be so hard. 

You made the right decision, you have come so far. 

Suffering often comes when you expected something else. 

It isn’t what you wanted but it’s the hand you were dealt. 

You are here, times run out, there’s no turning back. 

Just believe in your truth, ‘cuz this life fell off track. 

I just want to cave in. I just want to spill out. I just want to fall down. 

Can I keep my head up? Can I stop folding in? 

Can I let go of this terrible sin? 

Living in reality was not so hard. 

I made a tough decision, I have come so far. 

The suffering came and went and I am whole once more. 

It isn’t what I wanted but it’s worth fighting for.


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Journal Entry #4: ”You’ve Changed the Way I Feel,” released in 2021 

Twenty years of love and family breaking apart is hard. Learning how to love again, being willing to open up to a new relationship following divorce, is it’s own journey… 


You came into my life just the other day and took my breath away. 

You made everything so clear; don’t have a fear when you’re by my side. 

I’m going through the motions, trying to change my style. 

Oh baby, please won’t you stay with me. 

I promise I’ll come through, I promise to be true, 

and I won’t ever let you down. 

You’ve changed the way I feel, shown me what is real. 

I thank you for the love we share. 

I’m ready for the change, a new relationship, I’ll never go astray. 

I’m ready for the change. I know that in my heart we will go real far. 

You’ve changed the way I feel. 

Now you come into my life… Made me feel so good inside… 

Full of joy, full of pride… I thank you for the love...


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Journal Entry #3 - ”Sign Me Up,” Released in 2021: 

This track matches the beat of a heart suddenly set free with the spirit of expression that pushes through when you dance. It’s my awakening. My summer of fun… 


I must admit that I’ve been slowly creeping toward you. 

I’m seeing sequins glimmer, I’m stealing glances quickly of you. 

Is it crazy to think that the universe has brought us here 

to give us a chance to let go and dance, 

to explore the other side of this existence? 

I saw your flyer, sign me up to be a lover. 

My eyes fill with fire, sign me up to be a lover. 


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Kadence Journal #2 - "Broken," Released in 2020: 

I was taught for two decades that LGBTQ people were sinful. Ultimately, heartbroken, I left the Evangelical church. I could not re-orient my identity to suit their dogma, but I absolutely could pursue my spiritual self in other ways. I’m not anti-church. I’m not bitter. God is with me… 


I could never see what’s in front of me. You made a fool of me. 

I’ll never make the same mistake again. 

You made me believe everything was fine. But I stepped off that last ledge and you didn’t care. You left me broken into pieces. 

Now I really should have known, I should have seen the warning signs you left. Now I’m trapped here all alone, can’t pick up the pieces. 

I was living in a dream, lost in my reverie. Blinded by everything, now the veil has been lifted off my eyes. I can see you’re not the one for me. 


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Journal Entry #1: 

As we forge ahead with new music, I’m setting time aside to consider where I’ve been. To look back at the songs we’ve made over the last two years, to share where they’ve come from and what they might mean to the journey ahead. 

I hope you’ll indulge me a few videos and a few soliloquies in this vein. If something strikes you, I hope you’ll add to the journey and chime in. 

Much love,