Journal Entry #6: ”I Can’t Help You Out,” released in 2022

Toxic lovers are the stuff of poetry, but toxic friends can break your heart just as hard. Faced with torn emotions, realizing they’re not going to change, sometimes you just have to find a way to let them go. 

“Why do we say things we don’t really mean? 

Why do we play games when no one’s scoring? 

I’m getting tired of being let down. Whenever I need you the most you’re nowhere to be found, you’re just like a ghost. 

No use in trying, let’s cut the cord now. 

There’s no music left here, this is my final bow. 

My heart is empty, it’s like a vacant lot. Whenever I’m about to move on you bring me back here and string me along. 

I’m at odds with you. Nothing that I say or do will ever be good enough. I’ve reached my wits end, we don’t need to pretend. 

Can we just give it away?”


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