Journal Entry #5: ”No Turning Back,” released in 2021

I was raised in the church. Educated in the church. Married in the church. In most ways, it was the longest-living part of me. But it did not accept my truth. Leaving the church, I suspect, will always be one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. But only in leaving the church could I find myself… 


Living in reality can be so hard. 

You made the right decision, you have come so far. 

Suffering often comes when you expected something else. 

It isn’t what you wanted but it’s the hand you were dealt. 

You are here, times run out, there’s no turning back. 

Just believe in your truth, ‘cuz this life fell off track. 

I just want to cave in. I just want to spill out. I just want to fall down. 

Can I keep my head up? Can I stop folding in? 

Can I let go of this terrible sin? 

Living in reality was not so hard. 

I made a tough decision, I have come so far. 

The suffering came and went and I am whole once more. 

It isn’t what I wanted but it’s worth fighting for.


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