Journal Entry #4: ”You’ve Changed the Way I Feel,” released in 2021

Twenty years of love and family breaking apart is hard. Learning how to love again, being willing to open up to a new relationship following divorce, is it’s own journey… 


You came into my life just the other day and took my breath away. 

You made everything so clear; don’t have a fear when you’re by my side. 

I’m going through the motions, trying to change my style. 

Oh baby, please won’t you stay with me. 

I promise I’ll come through, I promise to be true, 

and I won’t ever let you down. 

You’ve changed the way I feel, shown me what is real. 

I thank you for the love we share. 

I’m ready for the change, a new relationship, I’ll never go astray. 

I’m ready for the change. I know that in my heart we will go real far. 

You’ve changed the way I feel. 

Now you come into my life… Made me feel so good inside… 

Full of joy, full of pride… I thank you for the love...


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